Culture of Solidarity Fund

A public-philanthropic partnership that supports Arts & Culture initiatives in the midst of crisis.

In these seven rounds, we have supported more than 200 projects with 4.7 million euros with 19 co-funding partners on board.

The Culture of Solidarity Fund is a public-philanthropic partnership launched in 2020 by the European Cultural Foundation as a rapid response tool to support cross-border cultural initiatives of solidarity to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, five application rounds were launched, with various partners. Based on this network and infrastructure, the Culture of Solidarity Fund Ukraine was swiftly launched in March 2022 to support cultural emergency requests from Ukraine.

The Culture of Solidarity Fund supports cultural initiatives that, in the midst of turmoil and crisis, reinforce European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space. We believe that imaginative human gestures of everyday solidarity that unite us across social networks, cities and countries are precisely the culture of solidarity we ought to nourish during times of crisis and beyond.