Our grantees

'Infodemic' call grantees

The thematic Culture of Solidarity call to strengthen a European public space searched for projects that contribute to inclusive and democratic European media platforms, networks and infrastructure during the Corona infodemic.

Regional round of Culture of Solidarity Fund grantees

European Cultural Foundation, Fondazione CRC and Fondazione CRT invited organisations from the Piedmont (Cuneo province in particular) and the Aosta Valley to apply for the third round of the European Culture of Solidarity Fund. This special round of the Fund sought to support imaginative cultural initiatives that reinforce pan-European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space from a regional and cross-border perspective. This round searched for project ideas and proposals that connect local work with a real pan-European dimension.

Set up at the beginning of the pandemic crisis, the fund continues to support imaginative cultural initiatives that reinforce European solidarity and the idea of Europe as a shared public space.

Culture of Solidarity: Second round grantees

The grantees of the second round specifically grow immediate crisis responses into more future-oriented solutions and extend from local levels to building cross-national alliances and initiatives of pan-European solidarity. These projects range from a Europe-wide campaign on the topic of European solidarity, seen through the lenses of the enduring global pandemic to grants that focus on groups who are directly affected by legislative or financial adversities stemming from the collapse of solidarity across Europe.

Culture of Solidarity: First round grantees

In the first application round of the Culture of Solidarity fund, more than 2,500 applications were received from all corners of Europe and beyond. Their imaginative projects range from new international institutes for artists, virtual learning platforms for creatives engaging Black and African communities in Europe to digital handbooks that offer support during COVID-19.