Cultural grant for regional transformation

While acknowledging its historically specific position, Eastern Germany is a prime example of a region that has proven its resilience, flexibility and capacity to innovate in the face of radically transformative challenges, accumulating a wealth of practical experience and skills that would benefit all Europeans at this critical moment, but in particular, those regions similarly affected by systemic transformations. The Eastern German experience – its successes, failures, and challenges -could serve as their rallying point for culturally engaging with each other in a spirit of transnational solidarity and hands-on collaboration.

This call was launched together with Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung. The call was open to cultural organisations as well as organisations from other fields of work and public institutions that are based and/or active in Eastern Germany or in European regions similarly affected by deindustrialization, population decline, social dissolution, failing public infrastructure, and ecological crises.

This fifth round closed on September 14 2021. We no longer accept applications.


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